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Why do we call it MY New Spirit Naturals? Because we provide natural health supplements, nutritional supplements and life-long opportunities for well being. My New Spirit Naturals is more than a business, it's a life tool! We personally use our natural health supplements and have seen the long-term benefits first hand. But It's far more than just the 12-15 years of personal experience with New Spirit Products. It's a commitment to providing you with top health news and quality natural health supplements. My New Spirit Naturals is your complete source offering home health products and nutritional supplements for life.

Nutritional supplements that actually work


Think back on your own experience with natural health supplements over the years. We've all read or heard about an endless stream of natural health supplements fads and wonder nutritional supplements including herbal pain remedies, processed food diets and an array of other nutritional supplements programs that just didn't deliver. With so much information on the internet and so many nutritional supplements stores online claiming to offer the best natural health supplements, it's difficult to know where to start. My new Spirit Naturals distills the world of wholesale health and beauty products by offering a focused line of natural health care aids. From digestive enzymes supplements to body cleansing solutions and natural beauty products. My New Spirit Naturals can be your one stop source for natural and holistic health products. If you're looking for cheap health care benefits, why not take a proactive approach and prevent illness before it starts!


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It all begins with the owner and founder of New Spirit Naturals, Dr. Larry Milam. We know Dr. Milam to be a dedicated, tireless and innovative health and nutrition researcher. We have witnessed he and his wife, Dr. Debbie Milam touring the world in search of quality nutritional ingredients. He is truly a guardian of quality.

He was so committed to the integrity of the products that he designed and built a “state of the art” manufacturing facility. He insisted on having “in house” laboratories and technicians insuring consistency through control samples of the ingredients.The result is a line of products that have been well researched, innovatively designed and manufactured to produce results.


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