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Why do we call it MY New Spirit Naturals?

It is far more than the 12-15 years of personal experience we have had regarding the effectiveness of the products on this web site.

Think back on your own experience with nutritional supplements over the years. We’ll bet that you have also read or heard about a WONDER NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT that was perfect for your particular health challenge. So you paid your hard earned money and you bought it!

Way to many times, it just didn’t work. You got NOTHING for your money. Or how many times have you said to yourself, “well maybe it is doing something or I think it might be helping a little? Likely, it’s a lot more times than you would like to remember.

Worse yet, how many times have you tried a new product and were really thrilled and ss very hopeful? You thought you were getting a substantive benefit only to find after a few bottles that you were no longer getting any real benefit? So what changed; you or the PRODUCT?

Our experience and research suggests that it was very likely the product that changed. It is well known in the industry that most nutritional products are custom manufactured FOR, and not BY, the companies that sell them. Even the honest companies really have no way of knowing what is ACTUALLY in their products. They have to rely on the integrity of the manufacturer and many times EVEN the manufacturer does not have their own “in house” laboratories. Then the manufacturer has to, in turn, rely on the integrity of their ingredients providers. Everybody along the chain relies on the ingredient “spec sheets” provided to them by someone who has a financial incentive to cut costs.

It is no wonder to us that the WONDER NUTRITIONAL PRODUCT rarely lives up to the hype. It is actually a WONDER when the product even contains the ingredients listed on the bottle in the quantities and quality that is claimed.

NEW SPIRIT NATURALS is where we get NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS that really are WONDERFUL: every time, every product, every bottle and every year, no exceptions.

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It all starts with the owner and founder of New Spirit Naturals, Dr. Larry Milam. We have known Dr. Milam over these many years to be a dedicated, tireless and innovative health and nutrition researcher. We have witnessed as he and his wife, Dr. Debbie Milam, have very literally toured the world in search of quality nutritional ingredients and discoveries. He has been an unceasing guardian of quality in the products that New Spirit has introduced.

He was so committed to the integrity of these products that he designed and built a “state of the art” manufacturing facility for his company. He insisted on having his own “in house” laboratories and technicians so that every shipment of every ingredient could be assayed against control samples of those ingredients to ensure that New Spirits product quality is never compromised.

The result has been the development of a line of products that has been well researched, innovatively designed and uncompromisingly manufactured to produce EXACTLY the promised results. SO, tour this web site! You will find extensive research and WONDERFUL NUTRITIONAL PRODUCTS. Try any of them yourself and you will want to make MyNewSpiritNaturals YOUR New Spirit Naturals.


† These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Nutritionists and other experts in the field of health hold a variety of views. This index is not intended to diagnose or prescribe.

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